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All Additives & Markers
All Additives & Markers

Silent markers are used primarily in countries other than the US to mark or tag motor fuels indicating whether taxes have or have not been paid.

Additives are formulations added to petroleum products to either enhance or inhibit characteristics of the products.

Navitrace Red 412
Code: 66-412

Navitrace Red 412 is a red dye with Navitrace Yellow 124 added as an additional silent marker and is used primarily in Canada.

Navitrace Yellow 124
Code: 66-124
CI #: Solvent Yellow 124

Navitrace Yellow 124 is used in the European Union and Canada and is added to fuels not intended for motor vehicles.  It is commonly referred to Euromarker.  Navitrace Yellow 123 is intended to be difficult to remove from the fuel in an economical fashion.

Naviplus 810
Code: 66-810


Sunbelt's Naviplus® 810 is a conductivity-improving additive to improve the conductivity of low-sulfur diesel fuel by increasing the ability of these fuels to discharge static electricity and the potentially flammable vapors that may be present.