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Additives & Silent Markers
Additives & Silent Markers

Sunbelt’s line of Navitrace® dyes are highly miscible, unique chemical markers that are commonly referred to as silent markers. They are used by the petroleum industry for fiscal brand or grade identification, security purposes and other applications where covert identification is necessary. They will not alter the properties of the fuel or lubricant and are easily field tested. Navitrace® Yellow 124 is also known as Euromarker. Navitrace® markers are compatible with Sunbelt’s line of Navipol® Dyes.

Navitrace® Dyes can be used in petroleum products as:
• Silent Markers for Grade or Brand Identification
• Fraud Detection
• Unique Identification

Our line of Naviplus® additives are used for additional safety by increasing conductivity during the processing and handling of petroleum products. Naviplus® is compatible with Sunbelt’s Navipol® line of Petroleum Dyes.

Navitrace® 402

Navitrace® Red 412

Navitrace® Yellow 124

Naviplus® 810

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