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Petroleum Applications
Petroleum Applications
Sunbelt’s Navipol® line of liquid Dyes are single phase dyes supplied in xylene or high flash and non-toxic green technology versions. They are miscible petroleum products and can be pumped, poured or metered directly into the product being colored. Navipol® dyes are true liquid dyes as opposed to solutions of powder dyes. Our Navipol® HF Special series is made with our patented green technology, while our Navipol® TDP Low BTEX series is made with our synthetic non-toxic alternative. Our TDP Low BTEX series meet EU limits of Benzene <0.05 ppm, Toluene <5.0 ppm, Ethyl Benzene <10.0 ppm and total xylenes <20.0 ppm. Navipol® Red 164 TDP and Navipol® Red 164 HF2 are compliant with Appendix 8 of The Official Journal of The European Union for Azocolourants.
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