Mar 28, 2017 8:01 am



Sunbelt Corporation announces the development of special petroleum dyes targeted to the stringent environmental requirements of both the US and Europe. Traditional hydrocarbon solvent systems commonly used in the formulation of solvent dyes may contain one or more of the following chemicals: Benzene, Toulene, Ethyl Benzene and Xylene. This grouping is generally referred to as BTEX and color chemists have been searching for formulations that either eliminate or reduce the level of BTEX in dye formulations to soften their impact on the environment. 

Sunbelt’s chemists have developed and brought to market a line of Green and Low BTEX dyes that accomplish that goal. These formulations eliminate the use of traditional hydrocarbon solvent systems and reduce/eliminate their sulfur/naphthalene levels, while retaining the same high color strength and ease of use associated with traditional liquid dyes. 

The Navipol® HF Special series is made with a patented green technology while the Navipol®TDP Low BTEX series is made with a synthetic non-toxic alternative. Sunbelt’s TDP Low BTEX series meet European Union limits of Benzene  

Navipol® Red 164 TDP and Navipol® Red 164 HF2 are compliant with Appendix 8 of The Official Journal of The European Union for Azocolourants. 

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